Well now. I’ve got twenty minutes until I get to go watch Queer as Folk for the first time in months… maybe i can catch up on some of what i’ve missed.

Oi. Well. I suppose that this is a great time to start a journal because there is certainly enough shit going on in my little world. I am coming to realise that my drama shields have been breached somehow… Oh well. No matter. A simple meditation will fix all breaches.

So lately its been dramaboy. Kyle says he qualifies as a stalker. Receiving things in the mail (well… I still actually need to go down to the post office and refuse them) is definantly leading me to alter his designation to freakboy. And freak he’s become. I keep getting these e-mails from him. The earliest one i have states in his own words: “I sent him an email saying I will conform to his wishes and he will not hear from unless he sends me something.” This to my friend. Since this. I have received a total of 11 emails from him. And he says our logic is flopped. Basically he runs with the belief that I at some point have to communicate something to him telling him my wishes. Well. Aside from having already telling him this… blocking countless screen names on AIM (until I finally got tired of clicking ignore and just set my system to only allow IMs from those on my buddy list). I mean seriously. Complete and utter ignoral should be clue enough once someone’s basically stated that because they were lied to, they really don’t want to associate any further.

Again. He thinks our logic is flawed. Some of the things that has come out of that boys hands (because at this juncture the only thing i know of him are his emails) are quite illogical. But then I’m not a Vulcan, so who am I to judge.

Hmm… My show is coming on so i’ll make this brief.

The latest e-mail states that he’s sending me some visa bucks and that whether i call to tell him which value i want, he’ll probably send them anyway. oh joy. more mail to refuse. evidentally what this package too large to fit in my po box is all about. some star trek books he saw that i might like. explain this logic. because he has invested so much money in me already i now qualify as friend status up until christmas time when his heavier shopping begins and my status as friend expires, dramaboy is going to continue to purchase and send me things. oh well. his waste of money because they are all being refused (along with any other strange mail).

Well gotta run. off to watch TV.

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