The traffic in my neighborhood, and the last leg of my commute home from work, is just killin me. Where did all these vehicles suddenly come from? What makes it doubly worse is that to get home I have to travel through a distribution center. This means being stuck behind trucks in both lanes. This wouldn’t necessarily be bad, however if traffic would just move. Instead the drivers are all edgy because of those of us on the road that can not handle moving the speed limit or below. Those with the need to shave a measely 3 seconds (I’ve timed it with my ex a few times and in general, it really is only a matter of seconds you save so why waste the gas?) of their trip.

And then the endless summer construction on roads that weren’t so bad to begin with whilst others might as well be dirt (less damage). Well, that’s life in Northern Nevada. At least life in cities that actually have populations worth noting, which is basically Carson City, Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, and Tahoe. Oh. And it is either Fernley or Fallon (I can’t seem to remember… probably because they are both on the remote side of where I live.) that just recently became a city in their own right (go them!).

But seriously. Like 10 minutes is added on to my commute home (but strangely enough only 5 on my way there). While that probably doesn’t seem like much to some of you out there, you must take it in perspective of the Reno/Sparks Metropolitan (if we even qualify) Area. We also have significant subburbs, if you will, that don’t politically fall under the juristiction of the Cities of Reno or Sparks. I tend to think of them as parts of the city anyway and generally don’t draw the distinction between Reno or Sparks unless I’m referencing where I actually live. I’m proud to have finally moved out of Reno. I’ve only lived there like a decade or so.

Gods. Has it really been that long?

As the dragon window thing falls to the ground once again. It’s actually split where its supposed to be tacked up and the suction cup just is old and nonfunctional anymore.

It was a gift and I have a zippo with the same image on it so it was kinda odd and neat at the same time.

Hooray. My father has just signed online. We hope all is well with him.

So yesterday I got to make a presentation to the General Manager at MSLI. I basically found a solution to some information management issues we had in my merry little department. Which coincedentally coincided with the General Manager imploring one of our Executive Admins to do a similar project company wide. My little intranet solution is now the model for the companywide initiative. I got an actual award. The certificate was given to me later. I have an acyrilic triangle that is the Operations Excellence Award. “Not bad for a new employee,” said the GM to the All Hands meeting. I have been employed since February of this year. I actually got the award like last month but my project has become bigger and its kewl because I am also a good source of knowledge when it comes to the technology we’re employing cause I’ve already gone out and done it. 😉 Yes. It got me a raise, a bonus, and a stock grant. And I got a 3.5 on my review (its a small scale and really if you’re getting a 3 you’re basically doing just fine and don’t need to worry).

I like project work. I really do.

And the nice thing is that the core work isn’t bad either. Its good when you actually like your job.

Well. Enough about work. Let’s talk about you.

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