Joy to the world. I got summoned to Jury Duty. 🙁

So on Monday I have to be at a courthouse earlier than I’d have to be at work so I can have my entire day wasted sitting around to hear a case when its unlikly I’ll be selected anyway. I’m bitter and twisted and biggoted. At least that’s what I want them to think. In the real world I’m a really nice guy. Which evidentally is why I’m so unlucky in love. MSN (or maybe it was PlanetOut) had this thing on it the other day that broke people down into four groups. The group I fell into was the nice guy. (Now that I think about it, it was PlanetOut and speaks specifically of men). Nice guy’s are the guys you can’t wait to dump. Despite the fact that they’re the perfect lover, you don’t want them. They’ve done nothing wrong… but still you see them as shackles instead of the loving, caring, and compassionate person that they are. Well. That’s what I have to look forward to. Not really. It goes on to say that nice guys eventually wind up with another nice guy and move of to the burbs together never to be seen again.

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