Well. Someone whom i have had my eye upon before recently came home after (as he pointed out thus skewing my sense of time) two years away in slavery.

We got to talking sometime after my most recent marital crisis (it sure feels like I would imagine divorce to feel). Its actually amusing to realize how many people i haven’t really kept in regular touch with during my incareration with Crazy T.

People have been telling me that I seem a lot happier now that I’m free of the treachery that was Crazy T. That I’m more lively. I guess somewhere along the line I went into a cloud of gloom because of him. Well. Its not like we didn’t see it coming. I do kinda feel different. Hmmm…. I guess that really needs some more pondering so I can figure out how to really articulate it.

Ever just have one of those feelings. Where you knew something inately but couldn’t quite explain how or why?

At anyrate. I really should go to the Dreamscape. Message me there.


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