Computer, Begin Log.

Well kids. Welcome to my LiVEJOURNAL. Here is my first attempt at Internet life sharing. But what the hell. If I run for president some day… everyone can read my life story and make up their own mind. 🙂

So with that said… We all owe my friend Kyle the distinct honor of being the one who turned me on to this remarkable piece of open-source madness…

It is Kyle who moved his on-line journal to this place and so my excuse that copying his idea took too much work (manually updating a website and i’ve got soooo many) was no longer valid cause apparently the website here does all the work and there’s even an nifty client app i can put on my already overloaded PC (but hey, Windows XP works on this Pavilion and actually this is the first time the Pavilion actually worked…)

So Kyle gets all the credit for this if it turns into a nightmare and everyone regrets I even did it… However I am still the only one actually making the content so it is really ALL my intellectual property which means you can’t plagiarize me without proper citations in your reference page! 🙂

All right. That said. The Online Journal will have to do until I am in possession of a video camera again and add to my video log. I begin all my journals with the same thing. Its an excerpt from a book by Roderick Anscombe, called “The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula.” Its the perfect introduction to a journal (though it doesn’t actually appear in Laszlo’s journal until Chapter 2) so here it is in all its splendor and glory. It says it far better than I could:

“This diary will be the place where I discover the unknown depths of my character. It will be the mirror I hold up to myself, a trick of thought by which I will catch hold of what I can not see.”

I’m looking into a mirror now. One I’ve propped up on my Mossimo hat (the first one that was fit specifically for my head-size) and CRT. I see a man that looks a wee bit older than his 23. Lines of age have already krept in from the trials and tribulations of his short lifetime. It is no surprise to me that this man is often mistaken for someone of a slightly elder age (though I did get asked if I was over twenty one at breakfast today–had to play the free keno).

The hair is out of place, the face needs shaving and the remains of a zit need to heal up but otherwise, this man is pretty decent looking (I’ve been getting so many compliments on my appearance lately that I’m actually starting to believe I’m semi-cute–I won’t admit to being the hottie i’ve been called).

Have you ever stared into your own eye’s before?

If they are really the windows of your soul, then certainly one can look into one’s own eyes and see himself for what he really is. Almost 23 and 1/2 years and i’m just now seeing how easy it is to know your true self…

From my little opening quote up above its probably not hard to realize that I really want my journaling to be more of a self examination of myself. To borrow from my employer’s 25th anniversary self-history book… It’s me in my own words.

Well. My hope with this journal is no different from any of the others i’ve started. I want to be able to see who I really am. Hopefully i’ll be keep myself adding to this.

And hopefully my friends and family and anyone interested in getting to know me better will have a chance to get inside my warped little mind and see who I am.

And with that. I close the first entry of my new Livejornal.

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  1. Getting to know your true self
    I love this site so far. Just remember that the only problem with getting to know your true self, in my experience, is that my true self is continually evolving, totally in the process of change. Very few things remain constant over the long term, and even these things are continually subjected to the perspective of the moment. On the whole, it just makes the puzzle more challenging, I guess.

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