Crazy T

So once again I returned home yesterday only to find the ex sitting on my porch talking with Heather. What part of I don’t want him in my house are they missing? Maybe I should be a little more direct. I don’t want the fucker anywhere near my house. I can’t keep him away from the neighbor’s house but damnit. He needs to stay off my property.

These people just don’t seem to get it. I guess its going to take actually getting a restraining order to convince everyone that I am dead serious about this.

He’s a liar, a thief, and has already assaulted me in my own home (the wax is still melted into the carpet if you’d care to look).

I don’t think its any big surprise that I wouldn’t want him around.

So will someone please tell me what the hell its gonna take to convince Tracy that no, Thayer IS NOT WELCOME in my home.

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