Well…. Its been a while since I’ve written anything. Hmmm…. Not much to say. Just gettin on with life. I’ve been engaged in an interesting class on marketing. You can check out my market place simulation project at http://www.msbp.net/gearhead.

Oh yeah! I launched another website recently… MSBP.net located at http://www.msbp.net. Yup. I have my own domain. This site is for school though. You can read some of my team’s past papers and of course new stuff will be added as it is available. Check it out. Take our survey.

Enterprise premeired. I’m not into my second 7-year mission… to boldly watch all episodes of a Star Trek series. Voyager is the only one I can actually claim to have seen every episode of. It was tough. Voyager isn’t the best trek ever, and there were numerous episodes that left my eyes rolling… Enterprise, conversely, had the best series premiere i’ve ever seen on a Trek series. It really impressed me. Which is hard for a trek series to do.

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