What a week…

Well that sucks. I just got done spilling out my thoughts on this whole thing, only to have it wiped out before I could post it.

What a week this has been for me. Its the first time in my life something of this magnitude has happened. I was too young to remember Challenger and the Okalhoma City thing was done by Americans.

You no doubt have heard references to Pearl Harbor and this is the Pearl Harbor of my generation.

I came in from lunch a bit ago and saw two planes taking off for the first time since Tuesday morning. It was eery and reassuring at the same time. Eery in that planes are once again in the air after three of them slammed into buildings. Reassuring that despite the tragedy, America is slowing getting on with its life.

I was reading just a bit ago the story about Mark Bingham. He’s newsworthy because he was in the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. And becaue he’s gay he’s on all the gay news sites.

Actually, the article isn’t about him. Its about the men and women on that flight that decided to do something. Having heard from cell phone conversations that other planes had been hijacked and used as bombs to take out buildings, they knew they were doomed. But instead of sitting there feeling sorry of themselves, they knew what needed to be done. They knew there plane was now on a suicide mission and they weren’t going to let that happen.

We can only assume that’s why their flight went down into a field in Pennsylvania, rather than striking another monument or building.

Its real hard not to cry when you read things like that.

But I’m scared. Not that there will be more attacks on the United States (though I belive that is still a real possibility). I am scared that the United States, in retaliation, will commit the same crime committed on us. That we will slay innocent people in our vengence.

I fully support our efforts to bring those responsible for this tragedy to justice. Whatever force is necessary to ensure those responsible are punished is okay by me. What I do not support, however, is a nation that strikes out and kills additional innocents. That’s not the America I want to belong to.

My prayers are with those who were killed. Please join me in prayer to whatever divine power(s) you follow that the innocents ripped out of this world and thrust into the afterworld find peace in their transition to the next plane of existance. Let us further pray that those responsible for their deaths are brought to justice. Let us further pray that no other innocent life is added to the already mind-blowing death toll.

Further acts of war are not the right response to this tragedy. Let us not allow our anger to blind us into taking more innocent lives off this earth. Let us not allow our anger to force us to hasty decisions.


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  1. maybe this will help!
    okay so here’s the deal, tonight at seven go out side and light a candle where ever you are. It’s to show unity and respect for the people that have been affected by what has happend ( ie ever one). send this message to every one that you can. I’m hoping it’s not just me and the person who sent the email to me who are going to be holding candles tonight. won’t it be cool if there were enough people doing this that we were able to light up the us?
    I’ve been writing to as many people that i can, inclueding random people on livejournal! I hope you will do the same and help! I’ve already heard back from some of people i wrote to and thet’re going to help! thanks so much!

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