First Snow

The dark half of the year really is here. I awoke this morning to find my car windows fogged up, and snow on my mountains. Winter has arrived in Northern Nevada.

Tonight is Halloween. This sucks because tonight I also have school. That means no passing out candy for me this year. My Halloween was actually last weekend when we had two parties. The first was my annual Samhain celebration (well its my first annual). The second was Rick’s annual pumpkin-carving party.

We set a new record this year. 20 carved pumpkins! It was pretty neato to see them all lit up together. I dug it. Shame I had no video camera this year (not that it matter because my two-hour filiming of the S2K pumpkins got wiped out by Crazy T).

I’m just a bit miffed that I have to be in class whilst the little ghouls and goblins roam my streets. It was supposed to be my first Halloween in my new house and I was kinda looking forward to the reactions of my new neighbors in regards to my Halloween Tree of Terror.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

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