What the hell?

Enterprise. Its the fifth and latest in the Star Trek saga, giving us the prequel to Roddenberry’s original series. Captain Archer has taken command of the Starship Enterprise, NX-01.

Aside from some continuity issues… I’m really taken aback by this. The episodes so far have actually been good. I keep waiting for the hokey episodes to start, just to prove that yes indeed, Enterprise IS Star Trek. But it hasn’t happened. Each week I am again surprised at the series. So far its the best first season I’ve ever seen on a Trek series. It usually takes them about 3 years to produce any quality episodes. TNG and DS9 seemed to pull it off pretty well during Season 3 and on. Voyager, while the only series I’ve actually seen every episode of (well Enterprise too but its still going), had a lot of disappointments because they never realized the full potential of that format. UPN had been touting Voyager’s “Highly Anticipated Final Season” but in reality it was highly disappointing. Only a very few good episodes for the final year of the series.

Enterprise, however, has really changed the rules. I mean come on. Who would have thought that Star Trek would actually be good sci-fi?

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