A Tuesday Musing

Hello LiveJournal. How’s it hanging? Its been a couple of days and here I am with another funfilled entry for you.

I came to work this morning and had such a touching email I had to smile. It was from the Floriday boy (you know, the one moving here in a few months?)… Anyway the plan is for me to venture out there next month, but yesterday another plane went down. He was just expressing his serious concerns about me getting on an airplane…. not wanting any harm to come to me.

I’ve reassured him things will be fine. I’m not scared to fly and so i’m still going…

At anyrate, I might be reading more into it than was really there, but i’m getting the distinct impression that this boy still has some strong feelings in my direction. Guess i’m not the only one…

Well back to training. I’m learning all about query language for MS SQL Server.

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