Lovesickness and new mice

What a neat new toy. I was given the new Wireless Intellimouse Explorer from Microsoft today. No more cords to pull on when I’m pointing on the desktop anymore. Its way kewl. And the intellieye is more accurate than ever before. Not that I’m plugging the product or anything…

So uh, I think i’ve gone and done it to myself again. There’s this guy (I know I know, there’s always a guy i’m rambling on about in this thing) that I REALLY like and who genuinely seems to share the sentiments. I REALLY liked him when we first met like three or so years ago. But we didn’t get together due to some life circumstances, but now our paths have recrossed and look to be intertwining (whether we actually become an item or not)… and I find myself sitting here thinking about him all the time and all those old feelings have returned threefold (why is everything threefold?). I keep telling myself to kick back, relax on this, and just let life take its natural course. That would seem the logical thing to do. But the heart rarely follows the logical course.

So what this has left me with is a sense that i’m entering into a long-distance relationship (though the long-distance part is only temporary). Normally i’d be vigorously opposed to a LDR, but since he’s moving here regardless I guess its not really an issue.
I guess what I’m really worried about is scaring him off by expressing any sentiments or feelings that i’m having in this regard.

Oh well. He reads this journal, so by posting this I tell him where I stand. All I can really do is wait and see what comes of it. Well, really i’ve already sorta talked to him about it. He just said to take my time and he’d take his. I guess its true that we don’t need to rush anything. Hell, since he’ll be living here I’ll have plenty of opportunity to determine what pace he is comfrotable with and work from there to move it along to my desired goal.

He got away from me once before and it broke my heart. But in the end I had to accept that our paths were not one in the same… though it would seem that was only true three years ago.

The old adage goes that if you love someone you let them go and if they return to you then you know your [meaing the two of you] love is true. He got away and one way or the other now he’s back in my life.

LOL. And so here I am getting ahead of myself again. Its just hard when you already have strong feelings for someone, especially when those feelings are for someone as special and unique as the one I’m eyeing.

Well. In 13 or so days we will be reunited face to face as I am braving the skies (in the shadow of terrorism… don’t worry though. I fly with dragons so I’ll be safe.) and venturing to Florida for a pre-holiday visit.

Actually its good for me because i have a goal to see all the 50 states and to date i’ve only got 8 done. So in a few weeks I can say I’ve been to 9 states. (I had to revise those last two sentances like three times because i kept forgetting to inlcude them… like Colorodo which i visited the last time i flew out to see this boy).

Its not often that I get this gaga over anyone. Those that can affect me in this way are very few and far between.

The weird thing is that up until I found out he was moving here, the notion of a boyfriend did not settle well with me. But now… the prospect of having this one as a life-partner… well. Lets just say that the thought of it is enough to make me happy. I’d have a real good catch I think: Smart, funny, sweet, good looking, responsible, secure, and all-around nice guy.

Well. I know you’re reading this. I’m here. I’m waiting (patiently). I’m yours if you’ll have me.

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