Ranting for no reason…

Well someone else already responded to today’s email… below are the sentiments i was trying to get at but worded far better than mine would be.

When contemplating the origins of our nation, and Christianity’s role within it, it is essential to understand that at the time our Founders wrote the Constitution there was no real competition to Christianity in Europe or America. The pluralistic society we have today was unfathomable to the Founders. They couldn’t possibly have anticipated our current mix of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, adherents of smaller religions such as Sikhs and Jains, and those who profess no religion at all.

Policies such as school prayer or posting the Ten Commandments in schools (or in the Supreme Court) made sense in a society where people were distinguished by which Christian denomination they followed, not by which religion they professed. But in our pluralistic society, with its enormous diversity of religious belief, it would be a mistake for the government to promote the Judeo-Christian tradition in the name of returning our nation to its Christian roots. The decision not to allow the federal government to promote religion is also part of those roots. Moreover, from those roots has grown a towering tree of diversity; American society has changed enormously and irrevocably from the Christian nation our Founders knew. The Founders should have our unceasing admiration for their foresight in framing a Constitution that has allowed our current diverse society to grow and flourish.

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