We all have them. Big ones. Small ones. Relationships with family. Relationships with friends. Any two people have some form of relationship. But when we think about the term relationship we often jump right into that special kind of relationship that exists between two people in love. That’s right. I’m talking about boyfriends and girlfriends (depending on what your tastes are).

What is the best thing about a relationship? Well there are a plethora of answers and I think it is a different answer for every person (which makes it interesting when two parties of a relationship have different answers about what the best thing is). Here’s one in someone else’s words that I stole cause it made me say “Awwww! I want one!”:

To spend the most intimate parts of my life with someone so special. To make future plans together, to build a life together. To have someone that you care so deeply about to help you through the trials and tribulations of life.

I love the fact that there is someone there in the morning, always smiling and always happy to be with me.

We’re a team, we communicate and care about each other.

Not only are we girlfriends, but we’re best friends as well. We trust each other with anything and truly respect one another.

The honesty and trust we have in our relationship.

But this really sums it up I think:

So the best things are:

We laugh together
We love together
We learn together
We argue together
We forgive eachother
We hug eachother

Those are some damn fine sentiments and it makes me feel all that mushy stuff inside. The trick is, finding the right match. Finding that someone where all the above is so very much true you’d heckle anyone who suggested otherwise.

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