Three day work weeks

Aren’t they great. And day 1 is almost over! Hooray. I am really in need for some extended time off. Looks like i’ll be getting my fair share too. I get four days this weekend to sit around on my arse and do nothing. Then in December, I’m going to Florida for a week. After I get back I’m going down to Southern Cal to do the Xmas thing with the family.

Who knows, maybe after all this R&R I’ll actually be motivated to come to work in the morning! 🙂 Actually, work isn’t so bad. It is school that I’m really not motivated to do anymore. Just burnt out really. Sad thing is I have pretty much 16 months of classes to go to. That’s two nights a week for the next 16 months. Then I get my BSBM and can spend another 18 months working on my Masters.

In the end it will all be worthwhile, but oi. Can’t I get a summer vacation?

So last week went well. I got my interest rate on my mortgage dropped two whole points. Thats a savings of about $300 a month. Got my debts all consolidated too, which will free up some additional cash. What all that means is as long as I remain somewhat frugal I should be able to live pretty comfortable.

I also got an Xbox for myself for Christmas cause I get such sweet deals on the Microsoft titles. Its good to be a drone.

For the PC front, I picked up 256 MBs of RAM for the old computer. That’ll quadruple whats in there currently so tonight my computer should be much happier. Which will make me much happier because i’m about ready to chuck it out my bedroom window.

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