Today’s Rant

Well. Last night I went to Best Buy looking for a copy of Star Trek Armada that would be on sale. I ended up spending fifty bucks and came home with 7 games (and 1 expansion pack). I got a good deal on Starcraft. 20 bucks for Starcraft, Brood Wars, and their accompanying strategy guides. My other steal was a pack of 4 trek games for 10 bucks.

What looks like it would be my favorite game is Dominion Wars, but alas my computer hiccups whenever I try to start my mission. Very nice opening credits for the game though…

So I’ll be kept entertained for awhile now while I wait for my Sims expansion pack.

In other news… I got an email back today from some guy who was on my distribution list when I responded to what I felt was an insult to the American spirit (see my posting of 10/19/01). The response is essentially a bunch of rhetoric about how our forefathers were all christian and intended for America to be a Christian state. At least thats what I’m getting out of it.

I drafted a response but will be fine-tuning it. Lucky for me I’m still in my critical thinking class so logical fallacies are still fresh in the mind and I could actually call them out by name! So I will be. I’ll probably include a copy of it in my journal.

In other news…

I’ve decided to look into a visit to Tampa in December. Phil is hoping that by reaquainting me with his mother that she might ease up on her concerns that Phil will be all alone out here when he moves (Phil’s resolve doesn’t seem to be waivering despite these concerns which is a good sign). I think it’d be fun. I’ve never seen Florida and of course I’d love a visit with Phil.

If I can swing it, I’ll be on an airplane out there. I’d like to also take a detour during my stay and drive up to Norwood and say hi to mom. I haven’t seen her since last Christmas. That’d be up to Phil though as he would be the transportation guru for the vacation. He says he likes road trips though so he might just be game. We’ll have to see.

Samhain has come and gone. I didn’t get to talk to any dead people. Maybe next year. I was kinda hoping to communicate with my grandfather who passed away last Februrary. Unfortunantly I was in class all evening and thusly wasn’t in a receptive frame of mind to make contact. He says hes always around though and if I want to talk to him I should just speak.

October is also the anniversary of my grandfather’s mother’s passing.

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