All alone in the night…

I’m going crazy. Now even at work I can’t distract myself from that longing feeling in my bones to have and hold the man I love. Where the hell are the damn transporters anyway?

I miss him something fierce. Its like I have a disease and he’s the cure. I can’t stop thinking about him and how much I miss him and how much I want to wrap my arms around that buff bod of his.

My Phillip… trapped thousands of miles away from the boy he calls home.

I had a really nice visit with him though. I got to Tampa and finally found him at the baggage claim. He’s grown some additional facial hair and for a split second I didn’t recognize him… buy my heart knew who he was.

While I was there I got to enjoy some of Florida’s wildlife. We went hunting for crocagators and saw only one. A baby at 4 feet. It was swimming with three turtles that looked like the snapping variety.

On our way back through the swamp to the parking lot we stumbled upon a water mochasin strolling along the boardwalk in front of us. Nearly stepping on it, we were at a loss as to how to cross. The snake decided it wanted to travel the same way we did and eventually we just walked past it. Its true, they’re as scared of us as we are of them so it left us alone.

Then Phil was telling me about the wood spiders in Florida. Big as trantula’s but without the hair. He was hoping we’d see one. I asked if they flew like the fabled cock-roaches (of which I am happy to say I never saw a one of) when a piece of moss fell from a tree and grazed my face. Naturally I flipped out, jumping and screaming. Phil got a good laugh I think. 🙂

Ah… fond memories already and our relationship is only a week young! I also got to hear the space shuttle Endeavor as it made its approach. Very loud explosive boom. Phil and I had been showering when we heard it and weren’t quite sure what it was until later that night when his mom told us.

Mostly I spent it enthralled with this sweet sweet man, falling back in love with him as we got reaquainted. Now, life is forever altered for me. Its just not the same. I can feel something is missing from my world…. him. Yeah we can talk on the phone and the internet, but I long to touch his cheeck and run my fingers through his hair.

Only a few more weeks… I keep telling myself. But these weeks are really months (like two) and then I’ll have him here for good. No more visits that never last long enough for us!

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