Its a good thing I stayed home.

My mom tried real hard to talk me into driving down to southern cal yesterday and its a good thing she failed. πŸ™‚ I knew it was stormy and sure enough… it got worse. I would indeed have gotten caught in it.

Oh well. I have never spent Christmas in this house before so damn it, this year will be the one! Even if I have to do it alone. πŸ™

Its okay though. I don’t have to worry about holidays alone anymore. I’ve got my Phil now.

So I’m sittin here waiting for Voyager’s End Game to compile (I’m going for better quality and larger picture). Its taking forever… but then again its going to be a 430 MB file. πŸ™‚ Then I can throw it on CD and never have to worry about losing a video file again. It just sucks though, that my computer died just when I got the 100 blank CD-Rs to burn everything to, and I only got one CD done. ;(


Oh well. Computer work now. Just got to install another program (that is 6 CDs – mostly clip art) and its done!

I’ve got my Sims going though too. I raped the internet and obtained now a total of 450 or so objects, numerous floors and walls, and some new skins. Some of the skins are giving me problems but I’m gonna try to fix ’em.

Once V’ger is finished compiling.. I think i’m gonna go mess around with it and try to clean up the game a bit.

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