Safe and Sound

I’ve just had a very productive vacation. I spent a week in sunny Tampa, FL and while I was there I managed to bag myself a new boyfriend!

Now I’m here at home and feelin kinda blue cause the aforementioned b/f is still in Tampa! It’ll be a few months still before he’s finally here so I’ve just gotta be patient. At least he’s as miserable about it as I am… So for now we’ll both have to settle for instant messenging, email, and telephone (not necessarily in that order).

So on the one hand I’m sad, but on the other hand I’m terribly happy cause now I’ve got a dude who wants me as much as I want him. Its a good balance between us. I don’t know… But I think this guy is THE ONE. Time of course will tell, but its like the last three years never happened for us. We went right back to where we were before circumstance separated us.

So I’ve spent this, my last vacation day, moping around my house and trying to keep my listless mind occupied with computer repairs… So far I’ve been unsuccessful in getting it fixed but maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

Right now, i’m sitting at school and I need to be getting to class. I’ll write some more about my trip and my man later.

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