Sore arms and some heartache…

I started back into my workout routine today… Its been awhile since I’ve been. I can’t even remember the last full week of working out I did (which constitutes a whole whopping 3 days at this point)! Between the holidays and visiting my man in Florida, I just haven’t been able to go.. My muscles are being tortured now!

I find it amusing… one of the reasons I started working out was to increase my attractiveness to the dudes… now that I have a man… my desire to look good is even worse.. I want to keep my ability to drive Phil wild… and a perfect bod ought to do just that (yes I know that love is blind to such things and he’ll go wild over me regardless… but he’s such a great guy that he deserves a boyfriend who is fit and trim).

Of course, I plan to sucker Phil into a better excercise routine. He doesn’t know it yet… but he’s reached that point in his life (like me) where he really needs to keep on top of it or he’ll balloon out… and i don’t want another overweight boyfriend (okay okay… i love Phil with all my heart so even if he did balloon out, I’d still keep him. He’s my imzadi!)

Actually I just want Phil and I to be able to walk around shirtless at pride events and have all the other boys spraining their necks doing double-takes at the two hot studs that just walked by… I want people to say “Why is that the cute guys are always together?” when we walk by. Yes I want people drooling over my man… Just so I can walk up to him while they’re doing it, and plant a big wet one on his lips and make those other boys oh so jealous…. but they’ll be jealous anyway. I’ve got the perfect man!

I just checked my grades for the Project Management course I just completed! I got an A!!!!

Only 11 more courses to take til I graduate! Hopefully I pick up some missing credits over the next year.

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