Yuletime thoughts…

The month of December marks a holy time across the globe. We have witnessed major holidays for virtually all major religions on Earth. It marks the connectedness of all humanity. Despite the varied religious paths we walk, we still make note of the same time of the year. Though the meaning of this time is different to us all, December always brings about some memory and emotion.

I can not profess to know the meanings of all the great holidays of this time, but I plan to experience each one at least once in my life. And I invite those who wish to, to join me. Broaden your spiritual pallet.

I was raised within the Christian faith, and so for me the memories are often of christmas trees and mistletoe, family dinners, and fellowship for all mankind.

It is this last item that I see as resonating around the world at this time of year. Though grossly terrible and evil acts have transpired in this last three months of the year, and even now the evil continues, I pray that we do not completely forget those basic human characteristics common to each and every person on this planet… compassion and love.

This December, Atum has blessed me with true love, and from it I have been hopeful that others will also come to see the beauty and joy of life. That they will put down their petty differences and embrace a higher way of life. That they will realize that each of us has our own purpose for being on this earth and that we must realize and fulfil that purpose.

Love one another. And remember that love also requires acceptance of ones differences. You can not love part of a person and hate another. We are all one package, for better or worse, but despite what you may perceive as flaws or beauties, each of us is no more and no less deserving of true and unconditional love.

Accept the challenge and open your heart to your fellow man. Show him compassion.

Blessed be to you all.


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