2001: A Retrospectacle

In the begining, it was dark. And there was Thayer. I had recently moved into my new house in Sparks. I was with Thayer and he and I and his mother all moved in. This guy Harry rented a room from us too. At first, things were wonderful, but soon, Thayer revealed the full depth of his character. We broke up early on into the year. I got tired of being abused. It wasn’t physical (yet), but the emotional and verbal abuse was enough. I had had my fill and realised that Thayer was not THE ONE. So we split up.. Had to live with each other for a bit though. But that came to a sudden end towards the middle of may, when Thayer felt it was appropriate to assault me when I came home one afternoon.

After that little brawl I found myself without a safe place to sleep, and with no transportation. So I set about to remedy the situation.

My first task was to secure a vehicle. My father was kind enough to co-sign on a car loan for me and so now I drive a 2001 Saturn SC2 instead of a 1996. šŸ™‚ I love my new car, dubbed Defiant (which has a couple of meanings to me), and drive it daily. šŸ™‚

Then came the battle to drive the tyrant from my home. I moved a total of three times in as many months this year. First I moved back to Radcliffe for its final two weeks. I helped Rory pack up and close down the house that he and I had coocuppied for about three years. It was a sad day indeed, to leave the hallowed walls of my Radcliffe, never to set foot in it again. I think the house itself let out a sigh as I closed and locked the door for the very last time.

After that, I roomed with my friend Heather’s sister for a month. The plan was that Thayer and his mother were going to take over payments on the house and eventually get it out of my name altogether. I felt this was the most fair thing I could do considering we all had claimed it as our home. I didn’t want to create any rifts between mother and son, but instead wanted to quiety exit their lives altogether.

Thayer, however, in his fiscal madness declined to uphold his end of the agreement and let a payment slip. Shortly thereafter, with some assistance from his sister and mother, Thayer was removed from my home and I happily returned, three months after my assault.

Its been an excercise in patience for me ever since. My darling ex has left me a heavy financial burden as his legacy. Interestingly enough, despite his controlling nature, even though Tracy and I were handing over paychecks left and right, I discovered that bills had not been paid in many many months. I’ve got a handle on it now, but it was very touch and go for awhile.

I started dating again around the time i moved back into my home. Nothing serious. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, quite content to remain single for a good long while. But I wanted to have fun and experience what it is like to actually date.

My little plan there backfired though, when a trick i had, turned into a demented cyber-stalker. Soon enough, my persistent ignoral of his frequent emails eventually won out and he’s left me alone.

And that was the drama of the first half of the year. It WAS the year that EVERYTHING changed.

One thing I neglected to mention, is that February 2001 marked my hiring at Microsoft. I had been temping for them since the prior October, and they liked me well enough to gve me a permanent job. I’ve been blessed to have a job that I actually like. I really enjoy being a Microsoft Drone (MS really is the Borg, i’m convinced). Its a great environment with great people.

So yes, aside from finally finding permanent employment (almost a year to the day after losing my last permanent job), the first half of 2001 (the real turn of the millenium), was a dark time indeed.

The second half….

August was when I made my triumphant return to my homestead. I’ve had a few minor skirmishes with Satan (my evil ex), but all in all he’s left me alone. I turned my attentions to other matters…. like video games.

Yes, 2001 has been a season of much video gaming. The Sims became my addiction very early on in the year and has continued right through today. I don’t technically own the game but have purchased the last two expansion packs.

I launched a website for my learning team at school this year as well. Its been a great tool in keeping us working together on our projects. I’ve also started putting together a personal website, but alas that isn’t online at the moment.

So the love life has been interesting this year. I had a boyfriend at the begining of it, which I dumped. A small string of fellas that didn’t pan out into anything meaningful, and now, the love of my life has returned!

These last couple months are probably going to be the most memorable ones for me. Sometime after my little divorce from Satan, I came across an old address for Phil. Taking the chance that his parents would still be there and could pass it along, I wrote him a quick little note to say hi and how to get in touch with me… Nothing happened and I forgot all about the letter.

Then, one day in October, I came to work and had a voicemail message that really made my day. There, aftter three long years of no contact, Phil’s voice greeted me to say hello and how I might get in touch with him.

We corresponded by email and phone and instant messenger for a good two months after that, getting reaquainted. I was surprised at just how easily we resumed our friendship. No ackwardness or anything. In December I travelled to his current hometown of Tampa to visit him. Mostly to look him in the eye and have him tell me he was indeed moving to Reno.

December 12. That’s the day I landed in Tampa. And that night, Phil gave me the best gift he could, he agreed to be my boyfriend. So yes, at the end of what might have been a bad year (okay, so only half of it was bad, the other half has been pretty decent), was made perfect.

What I’ve learned this year is that horoscopes aren’t all a bunch of hooey. I was told prior to 2001 that this year would be year of major change. I was also told prior to this winter that I would find true love in the winter. Both have come to pass, so I must take note.

I’ve come a long way in my 23 short years. And like our motto of 1999, I will continue to fight this new year with all I’ve got. But I don’t have to fight it alone. 2002 (the second and last pelundrum of my lifetime… the next won’t be til 2112, the last 1991) will be the year I know happiness. Damn it! I AM A SUPERHERO!!!! (this year’s offical Church of Radcliffe New Years Motto)

Oh. And in 2001 I ventured to Portland AND Tampa, Florida for the first time (I’d been through Portland, but didn’t stop). So that, I believe, is 9 states out of the 50 I plan to see in my lifetime.

I was also initiated in my faith this past year. It was an interesting experience. My iniator maintains that I was a magus to begin with (and yes, we all are) but I felt it was an important step for me, to physically undergo something… I wanted a physical experience to further engrain into my mind the repurcussions of the choice I have made in my spiritual evolution.

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