A rainy wednesday evening…

Instead of school today, I chose something more entertaining… Rick and Carlos’ house. I showed up with some McD’s and was offered instead a bbq feast from Rick’s father, whom I had not previously met.

We all had a grand old time… All the regulars were there. I unveiled what is my thoughts on how the world will consolidate itself into fewer nations. Rory and Jessica took it as my plot to take over the world.

Which is it? You decide.

Something I was supposed to write down: The human race is knowingly eliminated, but first we developed maturation chambers that developed children to full-grownness (and I guess would have to educate them somehow as well), and when they were full grown and fully educated, they would emerge without any hate or descrimination or anything bad that society had deemed to know… But society would have made them and thus the cycle would be repeated despite humanities best efforts because they are flawed.

Okay, that was a little more than I need to write down.. Just something I said that probably made more sense at the time. Jessica thought it would be a good start to a short story… so I sorta just rattled off some additional stuff up there. Sorry.

My brain is on drugs. 🙂 Just the good kind though.

Well my adoring fans (for who else would read this trash?), I am off to the bed cause its about that time.

Ya’ll sleep well now, ya here?


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