Its a single-digit temperature in the Truckee Meadows…

9 degress… and 2000+ miles away in Orlando and Tampa, the homes of my imzadi, its over 80. I think i need another vacation! Its damn cold here.

Oi… I need to go back to the gym. I must remember to grab my gym bag on trip home for lunch today. Its been weeks. Actually, not since I went to Tampa have I been consistent about going to the gym. My damn stomach roller thingy just sits in my bedroom… and I fear my progress is turning into flab… So… Tomorrow I MUST go.

My curtain production continues… I now have curtains in my bathroom. Hopefully my paycheck tomorrow won’t be dwindled to nothingness (though I anticipate it will be) and I can get the dowels I need to hang them properly. That would be great.

Today is Wednesday… Another episode of Enterprise to miss because of school. Good thing I get copies downloaded so I can keep up on my misson to see all episodes of two star trek series (Voyager is my only claim thusfar… having missed to much of TNG and DS9 and never seeing the Mirror-Universe episode of the original series in its entirety…

Speaking of my imzadi… I have not heard more than a “?” from him in several days… I assume hes busy working. I hope that means he’ll be here soon.

Hey, the thermometer just updated on my desktop.. We’ve climbed to 15 degrees in the two hours I’ve been here. Still well below freezing though. 🙁 I hate winter. I’m so glad its almost over. Just wish the roads would finish melting… The one leading out of my housing development is still iced up enough I slide to a halt at the stoplight. Thankfully I have ABS and traction control… otherwise driving would really suck.

Back to my imzadi… Yes.. It is my hope that all this hard work will pay off in a swift and painless migration to my chosen homestate. I miss him. And I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve opened this rift between us… Sometimes I do very very stupid things when I’m in love. I risk everything because of it. I’m glad I’m seeing the patterns in my behavior and can take corrective action… but is it too late for this one? I doubt it… It will stop being weird when he gets here I’m sure… but until then… I haven’t talked to him about it but I’m pretty sure this all exists only in my head.

Brrr… Its frickin cold… gotta throw my coat back on.

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