Not to me. Not to anyone that I know personally (at least that I’m aware)… I’m part of GLEAM, a diversity group at Microsoft for its homesexual, bisexual, and transgenered employees. On Thursday, our discussion alias received a notice that one of our own had recently died. His name is David Barzilai. I’ve never met him, though I’m sure i’ve read a post or two from him over my time at Microsoft.

At anyrate, I got to work today and discovered via my inbox that David didn’t simply pass away, he was murdered in cold blood (funny.. no one ever seems to murder in warm blood do they?). Some guy, who is bipolar according to his mother, somehow got into David’s apartment (was he a date?), stabbed him some 234 times, then stole some of his shit.

The guy later found is conscience and turned himself in—for the theft of David’s automobile.

I didn’t know David Barzilai. Even if I had, it’d probably only have been as a business acquaintance. Its only his death that has touched me in any personal way. I’m just saddened by this senselessness. Yeah, we’re only human, but that excuse is getting old. I KNOW humanity is better than that. I KNOW we can do better.

So lets stop behaving like animals and start acting like the sentient, evolved beings that we are.

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