So i have a project now. To work on being a little less sensitive about things. I’ve been overreacting for like three days now because of something someone said to me. And he was just trying to express something he felt it important I know. But instead of being the receptive person I should be for him, I got caught up in dispair and just plain reacted wrong.

Thankfully I’ve seen this before things carried on further. I recognized the trap I had fallen into. I saw the outcome because i’ve been there before. Its like I lock into this little mode of destructive behavior. Something unconcious.

But it won’t be for long. I know I can’t change myself with the snap of a finger. But I’m going to start the process. And I’m counting on the encouragement and support from my imzadi in this endeavor. Cause I’ll need his input to tell me when i’m doing it again. I don’t always see it right away. In fact, I ususall only realize the err of my ways after I’ve messed things up beyond all hope.

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