Something to mark the moment.

A jumble of toughts run through my head. I’ve heard a story that has invoked some memories of similar (though perhaps not quite as intense) experiences. You can read my witching hour entries I only very briefly brushed upon each romantic endeavor.
(And by the way, I know have Lasher in my hands, as well as the Witch’s Companion… that way, as Rick says, when Anne Rice “She looked like so and so in this painting,” I can look up the painting and see for myself. ::Wink::).

But as I was saying… I only briefly touched upon them. Just to kinda get a record of who captured my heart (though some for only a short while). And some more than others I might add.

I think perhaps the effects that these stronger-feeling relations had on me weren’t quite as engrained into my character as they were my friend’s. I do think one of them came fairly close.

And I realize from listening to my friend that a lot of us have a tendancy to look back on something we shared with someone but lost along the way… and think to themselves all the things they could have done differently, or if only they hadn’t done what they had done. And I guess thats basically a form of grief. But at some point we eventually stop grieving and carry on. We cease to superimpose our memory onto the here and now. And for some of us it takes longer, and there are several variables that can attribute to that. But eventually we do. And I’m glad my friend has found that light as well (and all on his own…makes me feel so proud…::evil grin::)

And well.. its been an enlightening evening to say the least. And I’m glad for it because it gives more shape to the person [my friend] that I know.

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