Still no peace

After this long day and much much chatter on the matter… i feel no better today than i did yesterday. perhaps the morning will bring a freshness to me. Perhaps the cloud will finally lift and happy shaun will return.

Its hard to describe exactly what I feel right now. Not anger. Not sadness, exactly. Doubt definantly. Frustration? A little. Somewhere in all that. Generally… gloomy.

Poor journal. You have failed me today. My frequent postings have not calmed the storm of my spirit. It rages on even as I type this. There is more to it than the simple matters at hand with my Imzadi. Our final talk here this night should have relieved me more than this. No.. the radar in my mind has detected something that concerns me greatly.

The picture must focus. And eventually it will, though i hope prior to whatever calamaity befalls me…

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