Body Pillow

Yes its name remains Phil. Its been that too long for me to change it now… even if the name conjures images of fire and brimstone…

So i’ve just had another restles night’s sleep. Instead of Borg cubes… my dream was of smaller starships… I must really dig this game (Star Trek Armada II). Jimmy finally got it downloaded so hopefully it’ll work on his machine and we can play each other. That’d be fun. I almost made it through two campaigns last night… but the Borg took out the Enterprise (mostly because the starships don’t follow orders well… i need to remember to set my AI settings to full in movement… otherwise they hang back just out of range…

But hell… I finally made it to work before 8:30! That hasn’t happened in awhile. Its nice and all that I don’t have to be here at a set time… but sometimes i feel guilty getting here as late as i have been.

Talked to David last night… Got to see some pics of his new boy. Cutie. Hope things work out there. David deserves some happiness. Hes been burned about as much as me over the years. I also find myself less weirded out by his potential visit and now quite hopeful. He’s probably the only person left who can console me.

And now… back to work.

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