My Saturday Afternoon

There are a lot of things we strive for in our lives. Career, excitement, friendship, true love… I wander just what the statistics are in what you achieve versus what you hope to achieve. We can’t always have what we want. That happens.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve achieved too much in too little time. What is my ambition now? What is it I strive for in my life at this very moment? And the answer is a run-of-the-mill shrug.

Its like… What is there to do now? I’m already in college. I already have a nice job. I already own my own home (at the nice young age of 23 I might add). And since I’m a guy and this is important to me… I have a nice car to boot (maybe not a luxury car, but a nice one nonetheless).

So its like what to do? Bake myself into oblivion I guess. Sometimes I like to relish in the numbness I can induce through weed. But thats just self-medication.

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