So here was my plan for Valentine’s Day…

Being the day of love and all… and with the planets all so rightly aligned…

I decided that after work I would go home, conduct a ritual, and draw in love and romance to my life.

Well. I didn’t get that far, and yet that seems to be exactly what has occured. Tonight has been interesting….

I had dinner with Brian, and Moulin Rouge which I’ve already mentioned. That was killer.

Then tonight, before bed (which as you can see is quite late), Stuart (whom I was dating but who developed a crush on someone else) asked me why we stopped seeing each other. (well… aside from that obvious part I guess) Its been like 6-7 months since we’ve seen each other, evidently. And now that his work schedule has become something like normal (workin til 7 isn’t great… but far better), we can hang out again!

And just now I’m asked to venture to DisneyLand partially because a guy i know down there (and have had some non-commital romantic involvement with) wants to see me. That would be my quasi-twin Roger.

My head my split. šŸ™‚ But there are far worse fates.

Actually… the nice thing is that each and every one of these good people can understand. I’ve already told Stuart that I’m seeing Brian. And tomorrow I fully intend to tell Brian that I’m havin dinner with Stuart just so I can remain up-front with everyone.

And sadly I realize that the bulk of these journal entries seem to center around my love life.

Well so much for getting any work done on my website.

But i’m off to sleep.

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