So i was naughty…

I awoke in a half-dream state to realize a friend of mine who had also passed out with me (we had been up til the early hours of the morning talkin and havin a good old time) was rubbin my chest…. in my dream-state… i wasn’t fully aware of my actions at first, and so I reciprocated…

Not that I’m complaining…. It was nice… Just quite a surprise. Good way to wake up for sure!

Though now I feel a little slutty… I have a date of sorts tonight… and its with someone other than my friend… so… i don’t know. 🙂

Guess having two boys after you isn’t a bad thing… though I might be jumping the gun… I don’t really know what Daniel’s feelings are toward me… Maybe he was just horny and I seemed like a good lay (only those who have had me would no for sure!).

Of course, my spider-sense was picking up that his interests aren’t entirely plutonic… which is fine.. He’s actually pretty cute and definantly a nice guy… Just haven’t really given any thought to taking the friendship further. Not that we know each other all that well… though for sure a bit better now!

So.. I might have two cute boys after me… Daniel, and the one I’m supposedly going to see a movie with tonight. I’m not in a rush to get attached though… so it might be fun to play the field a bit and spend some time getting to know them both a bit better… who knows… I might actually fall in love. I know! Crazy thought huh. Especially given all the shit thats gone on in regards to my heart lately… See what happens when you’re passive about dating… you get yourself into these binds… which aren’t really binds at all… until you wind up with two guys head over heals for you and you’re not sure you care about either. Hopefully that won’t happen. Hopefully I won’t entangle myself further with further escapades with this other guy either… though he is quite the hottie so I’m not ruling out that possiblity entirely…

Yeah… I’m a slut I guess. 🙂

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