Someone needs a reality check…

So last night I had this dream that i was lying on a couch watchin a movie or something. Phil was on the couch there with me… and he kept fondling me. I’d be like “No.” and he was all “If you keep telling me no I’m going home.” And so I was like “Would you like me to take you home?” (because of course he kept grabbing my ass).

I don’t get it. Yes it was just a dream… but its kinda what worries me… He supposedly is still moving (yeah right.. the likelyhood of that actually happening is so remote its not worth me having these concerns) out to Reno still. And my worry is that he’ll get here and this on-again off-again love that he experiences will be once again directed towards me. Of course this time I get to rip out the heart and stomp on it. Phil had his chance to have an adoring and attentive boyfriend. Twice. Both times he decided it wasn’t for him. Big mistake moving to Florida indeed. That boy has some issues. But damn it. I really do not need him putting his paws on me in my sleep.

So there it is… I’ve recorded my dream as required.

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