This is actually kinda nice…

Comin home after seein a boy… And not havin to go to bed anytime soon… 🙂

Well.. that is if I keep my bedtime is the dawn of the next day. But anyway. I’m thinkin “hell ya”. Why sleep?

But anyway… Its kinda cool. Like what its supposed to be about. No infatuation with me that demands my every moment. 🙂 Well… I guess what I’m tryin to say with that last part is that I can enjoy havin spent time with him because I’m not burnt out on being around him. Plus, the added bonus is relishing in wanting to spend more time with him.

And of course, some of these thoughts might be because I was subjected (finally… dang… i’ve actually been waiting for it) Moulin Rouge. Which is FUCKING AWESOME.

And the end of that movie left me totally feeling like I did when I was reading The Persian Boy in the end when Alexander died. I was like NO! TRUE LOVE CAN’T BE LIKE THAT!!!!!! That is exactly what leads to Walaychian (its mis-spelled and not necessarily phonetic… think Vlad Tepes) Princes turning into vampires (which coincidently I happened to catch the tail end of Dracula 2000… enough to see Seven of Nine with fangs… I love Jeri Ryan. She’s also FUCKING AWESOME. Watch her. She is superb.)

So.. many distractions later.

I’ve finally unpacked my stuffed animals. Rover sits here next to my monitor. Harry and Henry basically support the rest of the masses… my oldest teddy bear (not quite sure its my first… but i think so…), Mr. Bear, sits over on my bed because he’s the perfect pillow.

Rover is getting his own column. ::evil laughter:: Yes. He will become my platform. Oh yes.

And that brings me to My nice little domain. Its up… though in testing still. Some bugs to fix.

We are not pleased. The publishing failed miserably. The server will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. But check it out anyway… Also gotta figure out how to make the old email work now… hopin i can utilize exchange somehow. i have the freakin server.

Anyway… That is all for tonight.

Sweet dreams all.

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