Well… Perhaps this astrology thing is something to take note of… In the days before Valentine’s day I kept reading horoscopes that promised Valentine’s day would be special. “Have you paid any attention to my life of late?” I asked no one in particular.

I mean lets face it… I’ve spent the last couple of months wasting my time and energy on Phil… I got stood up the week before Valentine’s day… So I was prepared and more or less contented to chalk Feb 14 as just another Thursday…

But then I met Brian. Who took me to dinner on that evilist of days. And we’ve been hangin out ever since. He’s a fine person. High-caliber of character. Intelligent, funny, and all-around just plain descent. Quite a shift from the usual boys of Reno.

And so now I’ve got a chance here to build something again. The kewl thing is that Brian and I tend to see eye-to-eye on a lot of the life-issues. We have extremely similar views on what a relationship should and should not be. Just a great deal in common really. Which is great, because we can have an awesome friendship.

And that’s been what the last few days have been for me. Having a good time with a new friend.

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