Giddy Sunday Afternoon

This is probably my best weekend in a real long time. Amazing how hanging out with a cute and intelligent man can change your perspective.

Shrug. He’s off to take care of his things now. Prolly won’t see him until tomorrow at the gym. Thats gonna be kewl though… gettin a workout partner. Keep me goin. I should do my stomach excercises tonight before bed I think.

Well, I’m off to go battle the Borg in the last mission of the Federation campaign. Again. Finally be able to start with the Klingons again. Need to figure out why my cheat isn’t working. Was trying to make myself invinsible so I could get through the campaign quicker. (Enterprise single-handedly destroys the Borg threat in the Delta Quadrant kind of thing). I hate repeating things.

One Reply to “Giddy Sunday Afternoon”

  1. for portland kyle with love 3/19
    I am saddened by the thought that you still have me in stalker status (you have the laws so you know that is slanderous.) You only recieved a generic good night message from me. I have never sent any kind of ttransmission in that chat room applying specifically to you. You should also note that I have not directly contacted you in any way, shape, or form (w/ the exception of you running me down w/ your car) If you are childish to the point where you can not even handle a generic, civil message then you obviously still have issues. is a public chat room. I have never directed anything derogatory towards you while in that chat room. As I recall I only included you in a good night message one time. If you want to participate in mythical rituals against me, I encourage you to do so. It will only show that you have more time for me then I have for you. You also know that words go further with me then “rituals”.

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