Hell and Back


I get to leave this god-awful town this weekend. I’m so happy. I haven’t been anywhere since that evil trip to Florida I shalln’t remenice about here.

And I’m going with a boy! Its so kewl. Camping provided we can get a camp spot at half-moon bay (yay for ocean camping… its a first for me), or perhaps a hostel should we need to.

We’re excited.

Oi. I’m fast approaching the 12-hours awake mark. I’ve been up since 5 or so (granted part of that was the snooze bar on the alarm clock til almost 5:30). Its kinda weird. I must have woke up a dozen times between midnight and when my alarm went off at 5:00. Strange that all the times I wake up except when I have to, I’m able to actually get up, do things, and be functional. As soon as that alarm clock goes off… WHAM. I need to sleep another 9 minutes. What the hell?

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