My mouth hurts

Damn. Today has sucked. My day began with a trip to the doctor’s office where I found out I have something I didn’t think guys could get. Yeast. Methinks Rick’s doctor is wrong and you CAN get stuff from public toilet seats. I have no other explanation for how I would have aquired the infestation. I ALWAYS utiliize protective measures when engaging in such sex, which of course I’m not overly keen on anyway so its not too often I let people do it. Use those paper thingies they provide. Trust me! Thank the gods its nothing serious.

Then to work. For training. I know now the inner secrets of Microsoft Licensing’s interview process.

Then to the dentist for some major work. Yet another crown (two this month!) and more fillings. I’m sore. But I’ve got a prescription for vicaden so that will be taken care of as soon as I can get home.

Then back to work again, where I discover that tomorrow I get the joy of working from 8 in the morning until 11 at night. I don’t have much faith that the people I work with will be efficient and speedy in their work. Which means I’ll be stuck here forever.

And tomorrow, the fiscal close of our month AND quarter, and I get to dedicate the bulk of my day to UAT (thats testing for you non-microsoft types). Joy of joy. Can we say over-stress?

At least I’m in the running for a new position that should remove me from some of this stuff. I’m applying for a transfer to my department’s Xbox team. It would be more IT-related work, which fits nicely with my plans for world domination. The outgoing employee has been lobbying me to the hiring manager (who is also my current manager), as has the other Xbox person. I’m a perfect fit for the job they say.

We’ll see how that goes. Interviewing will not commence for about two weeks.

Thank god I get out of town this weekend. Chris and I are venturing to California. He’s volunteered to drive since I’ll be tired from working all night.

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