Let the season begin…

So I got to take my first camping trip of the year. Went out to Half Moon bay in Northern Califronia (about 45 miles south of San Francisco). We were hoping for some beach camping, but the incompetent park officials sort of hindered our ability to get a camp site. No matter though. A short drive south of Half Moon Bay is Butano State Park. I think we got a much prettier camp site that way.

Butano State Park is beautiful. Basically the rainforest. Nice clean camp-grounds, drive up or take a short hike in. We opted for the latter. I went with my new guy Chris. We had a great time. Didn’t want to come home. We already miss the color green which is seriously lacking from the Nevadan landscape. He’s convinced he should move. I don’t blame him really. Our little town just sucks in comparison. Both of us felt it when we got to California. More relaxed, more at peace. I’m sure that would end if I actually lived there, but I’m content to visit often.

The beach was nice, if not a little cold. I got a nice sun burn as we wandered around San Francisco (Chris’ birthplace) yesterday. My tanning has begun also it seems.

Even though his fire-starting abilities are as apalling as mine, Chris makes a good camping partner. Hes just fun to be around. I enjoy our conversation and his sense of humor.

I’m beat though. My legs are sore from the stair-climb to Coit Tower. At least I’ve finally touched the darn thing.

I just wish I could have gotten some more sleep. We both went to bed early on Saturday AND Sunday night. Like 9:00 or so. But we’ve been waking up early. This boy is going to make me rise at 5:00 from now on. I can tell it. 🙂

I’ll adapt though. Sleep is for old people. 🙂

We were supposed to be gone through Tuesday, but alas Microsoft interfered. Seems I’m needed here, though why I don’t know. Its the begining of the month, things are slow. But there are people out and I guess they were worried about coverage. No matter. I want to look good as I’m trying to get a new position in the Xbox world.

Speaking of which, back to the grindstone. I have two more Invalid Events reports to complete and they are grueling, time-consuming, things.

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