Star Trek Episode II: Halo Evolved

So yeah. I had a weird little dream. Well, probalby normal as dreams go.

So originally Stuart and I were at the theater watchin some unnamed flick (it was named, but I can’t remember). I got up to leave for some reason and ended up running into Chris who wanted to take me to Star Wars Episode Two. There were three people in the theater: Me, Chris, and some random dude down near the front. We’re watchin the flick, I’m enjoyin it, when George Lucas and some lady (his wife or girlfriend or ???) shows up. Mind you in the the dream that Episode II had been out for awhile and I just hadn’t seen it yet. Well this lady keeps talking and I’m all like, “Can you shut up, I haven’t seen this yet.” but of course i was in awe of Lucas so I bit my tounge. Well… somewhere along the way the movie ceased to be Star Wars and became some twist of Star Trek meets Halo. Captain Jonathan Archer and Subcommander T’Pol were on the screen outside a shuttlepod. T’Pol says to Archer “Step back three feet Captain.” of course Archer comlies. Seconds later, these purple bolts strike where he was standing and explode. T’Pol actually has a few embedded into her chest (which was much smaller than on TV) which also explode, but do not kill her. The camera pans around and we see Covenant aliens from Halo standing there, Needlers in hand. I lean over to Chris and say something like “Halo! The needler is my favorite weapon!”

At this point Chris sends me to go get some soda. I have to go home of course cause I don’t have cash. Well. somewhere in this i remember Stuart. Chris and Stu apparently get to talking… The rest is a little fuzzy but I think Chris was giving me shit about Stuart.

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