Strange dreams and some lax airport security

So last night I had a weird dream. Me and a group of unknowns were being pursued by invisible aliens. We were basically captured. Trying to escape them, but when they’re invisibile its hard to tell if you’re being pursued.

So somewhere along the line we ended up in an airport. Naturaly we didn’t have the proper boarding information to get on the plane we needed to get on. So the airline’s answer to that was to simply put us on a different plane. Hmmm. Don’t know that that will foil terrorism, but what the hell. It was leaving at the same time as the original one so no worries for us.

Sometimes my brain does weird things.

I don’t recall Chris being in the dream. I’ve had three now involving him. The first two, he was just there in the dream, but not the focus. Like he was just part of my world and experiencing whatever was going on right along with me. I don’t remember the specifics of those dreams, just that he was in them and it left me with a sense that this boy would be around for awhile.

The third dream was pretty short. We just told each other we loved each other. I’m taking that as a sign that my subconcious is picking up that he does indeed like me. But thats old news because he’s told me as much. I don’t think he’s quite in love with me… yet. Time will tell. But he does show me affection which makes me happy. 🙂 I’m quite comfortable with how things are progressing, and I find myself feeling like I have a boyfriend which is definantly a welcome turn of events. But in the end thats just another label and labels are irrelevent. I’m just enjoying having a steady date.

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