Stupidy in Dealerships

So the Defiant, (my illustrious Saturn Coupe) has been experiencing some technical difficulties. I liken it to comments about how automobiles would be if they followed the computer industry… (of course they were poking fun at Microsoft): They come to a halt in the middle of the highway for no reason.

That almost happened last night as Chris and I were cruising along I-80 after returning from our camping trip.

I’ve known my cruise control is faulty for some time. I’ve mentioned it when I took my car in for its last oil change. Saturn was unable to duplicate the problem and so they did not repair it.

Well, its basically a short or something. Yesterday Chris was doing most of the driving and he indicated that the instrument panel was lighting up all sorts of weird things. Strange I thought. Well naturally we were using the cruise control during our long venture down I-80. Well, Chris was. I stopped using it because it doesn’t seem to work (you can feel the car trying to go, stopping, trying to go, stopping, etc.).

So when I took over the wheel, I didn’t realize the cruise control was on (though not active as we had stopped and I had yet to resume the speed). We’re cruising along at about 70 miles per hour when all of the sudden my headlights die, my instrument panel goes out and my car begins losing power. Suddenly the engine comes back to life, but alas I can’t get any of the other electrical systems to respond (headlights, radio, etc.)

I freak out naturally because my car is trying to kill me by coming to a halt in the middle of traffic (and with no working electrical systems its not like my break lights are alerting traffic to my slowing).

We get off the highway. I turn off the car (begrudgingly because I’m not confident it will start again), and then turn it back on. Viola. Everythign is working. Cruise control gets turned off. We continue home unimpeded.

I call and make an appointmen for servicing this Thursday. I decided to run down to Shop-Ko because I have a cold-sore that is bothering me and I need some medication. Get out to my car. Guess what won’t work. Now the engine wouldn’t turn over and quite honestly it was acting like the securtity system was enabled. Even the security light came on. Here’s the thing though. When my car has been tampered with its supposed to alert me with a horn beep when I unlock the doors. That did not occur.

So I’m sitting there reading the owner’s manual trying to confirm what I need to do to bypass my security sytem and drive away. The key is turned to the Run position. Well the radio wasn’t playing, but all of the sudden I start hearing strange clicks coming from the dashboard (or the engine… not sure). My radio is turning on and immediately off, my gauges are going whacko and my dashboard seems to be randomly lighting things up.

I’m freaked. My keyfob ceases to function (I figured something glitched when I unlocked the doors and my car thinks I’m trying to steal it so I go to resync the keyfob to the car). The alarm starts going. I hit the button to turn it off and mysteriously it stops. I get out of the car, stand the requisite 3-feet away and resync the keyfob and lo and behold I’m once again drivable.

Its strange. I don’t understand it. Its being very very weird. Doing behavior that I can not attribute to my security system.

Wonder if I’ll make it home tonight. Shit. Its not even a year old. I shouldn’t be having these problems.

Secretly I’m hoping they can’t fix it and have to give me a new car.

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