Taking a quick break

Thought I’d write a bit about the new acquisitions…

Last night I became foster parent to Cherry. Cherry is a dog of unknown breed. She’s about a year old and is really a sweet and loving animal. I’m looking forward to having a dog for awhile. My friends Jessica and Tim had to move into an apartment and as such can’t keep the dog with them. I had mentioned when they got Cherry that if they ever had to move and get rid of her I’d take her. Little did I know that would actually occur. So for at least the next six months, I’ve got a dog. Its pretty cool. Our first night together went well. She did scatter my trash about my bedroom today while I was at work (I went home at lunch to let her out for a potty break). She’s in her cage at the moment. Tracy should be home in a few minutes to let her back out.

My cat of course is freaked out… and actually threw herself into the window trying to escape the dog. She’s a quick drone. Must be those borg implants. At anyrate… she’ll adapt. She’s Borg!

I also get to play foster-dad to their cats… Narc and Kabookie. Both of which I’ve had the honor of living with before. At least they’ll be able to adjust better than Cherry as they aren’t being left with a strange person. Cherry had only seen me twice before.

The cats are only there for a week though.

As for other acquisitions.. I finally got a new video camera to replace the one that Thayer took. Well, it was half his anyway. But at anyrate, it was the last one at Comp USA and I got it for like $350 bucks. Its pretty much the same camera I used to have, though the lens cover isn’t automatic (which is probably good because it kept breaking on the old camera. Now to find something that works to plug my camcorder into the PC with and I’m set! Looks like I’ll be stopping by Target on my way home.

Also picked up a scanner for $50… so I can finally scan things. Hooray!

And with that, I’m going back to work!

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