Why I’m a Dude

An IM i had that i wanted to save:

Umtrx000: so i’m more butch? 😀
alekseira2: well, let’s see… um, yeah.
Umtrx000: hooray!
alekseira2: I could make a list if you like. lol
Umtrx000: i’m trying real hard to pass as a straight boy.
alekseira2: WHY?
Umtrx000: figure i’ll get more action athat way
Umtrx000: yes.. do give me a list of why i’m more butch… i want to put in in my journal.
alekseira2: oh god, don’t start calling yourself “straight acting”, I’ll have to stop liking you.
Umtrx000: (why would i want to act straight?)
Umtrx000: i just see it this way… gay guys can’t resist a straight boy. so if i appear straight to them….
alekseira2: haha
alekseira2: ok my list…….
alekseira2: you own and wear plaid
alekseira2: you can build a camp fire and shit in the woods without having a hissy fit ’cause there’s no toilet
alekseira2: You can fix your own car
Umtrx000: (we’re not sure about my fire building abilities anymore… you should have seen us… total fags)
alekseira2: You’re definitely way more a top in bed
Umtrx000: O:-)
alekseira2: 😛
alekseira2: You have career goals that involve home owning and investments
alekseira2: (as opposed to fabulous wardrobe and exciting night life)
alekseira2: Oh, and you take out the trash. 🙂
alekseira2: Yep, you’re butch.
alekseira2: I hae a wood ynow. haha.
Umtrx000: yup. i’m definantly a dude.

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