New Policy Effective Immediately

As of yesteray, a 6-month minimum prerequisite dating that is exclusive between me and my suitor is mandated before consideration for the title of boyfriend.

What I’m doing here is borrowing from a friend’s philosophy because he and I share a very similar vision on what it means to call someone your boyfriend and to consider yourself his. Its largely a symbolic gesture, as once you’ve been dating for six months you’re pretty into the “routine.” But for me to acknowledge someone as my boyfriend that means I’m making a very big commitment. It is the point where I can really let my heart open to a person, the point where I can start thinking long-term about someone, the point when I can expect that they will be there in the morning even though we had a huge fight the night before. Its the point where I they become my first and foremost consideration.

I figure that six months is a good amount of time to get to know someone well enough to know if you want to make that kind of commitment. (And yes this is retroactive to anyone I’m currently dating… lest I forget that we’re dating. Of course, that’s only one person right now. His name is Philip, but we’ll get to that later). I also figure it’ll give me ample time to weed out those who are serious about a relationship from those who are not, while minimizing (or outright negating) any broken heartedness from getting in too quickly.

So Philip is one week into his six months. This way I’ll know if its gonna fizzle away in a short burst or if the flame is enduring. And I won’t get hurt (at least not as badly) in the process should things go sour.


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