A new client and a new hope

So i’m giving Livejournal’s new client Semagic a try. The interface is a little differant from what I’m accustomed to, but so far seems like an improvement.

At anyrate, what I’m really writing about is the dude i’ve been hanging out with for the past 20 days (yes I’m counting).

His name is Russell and he’s a pretty kewl dude, but he likes to scare me a little bit (well… i doubt he realizes he is) with certain serious talks we have. Which, by the way is pretty cool that he understands the concept of communication and we can just get our cards out on the table up front rather than letting it become a problem.

Anyway, he’s had some personal stuff he wanted to share with me, but when we have these talks it always has a lead in (the backstory) that gets me freaked that the usual worst has finally cropped up in this endeavor for a boyfriend.

In the end, after the talk is over, rather than my hopes for this boy and me being shattered, they wind up reinforced. Its kinda cool if initially unsettling. 🙂

I ordered flowers for him today… they are being delivered to his work tomorrow as a congrats to completion of his training (nevermind he’ll probably be leaving for a better job soon). And he’s worried about being embarrased from getting his completion of training certificate in front of the class. Silly boy. You have not begun to be embarrased tomorrow! 🙂

SSSHHHH!!!!!! He does not know about the flowers. It is a surprise.

Anyway… so has he starts his story tonight and I start thinking here it is, nice 20 days, but end game. And i was thinkin about these flowers i just bought…

And by the time we were through talkin my hopes for this are likely to come to fruitation.

I actually called a local psychic the other day. She comes on every week and does free readings over the phone. Not bad I might say. I wasn’t really convinced people could make a connection over the phone but yup, we can. So it was brief and naturally about Russell and all good. Even called me on my tendancy to over analyze situations. Which I had been doing with Russell as she pointed out. Unfortunantly the DJ kept talkin over her and I missed some of the stuff she said… and like a dope completely spaced that I was likely to be on the radio and got out of my car as soon as I parked. Oh well.


In other news, my website has been migrated over to a legit Microsoft platform and is now SharePoint enabled. I need to purchase more space… hopin that won’t be too expensive. This was a move entirely because the technology makes it real easy for me to set up Dan’s realm on DragonScapes… Jedi Dan’s Movie News and Reviews. Which I think I am going to start working on as soon as I get done here.


Jessica is moving in this weekend so I’ll have some additional income for once. Tracy still hasn’t paid me. Its been 5 months. I know it isn’t intentional but regardless it can’t continue. I’m too damn sympathetic.

Well.. thats all folks.


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