Another day another boy….

Yeah. So I was seeing this guy philip but i guess things went sour cause he had me return the items he had left at my house.

Just as well because i did meet this other boy who i think is a much better fit. So far he seems to fit the bill containing the qualities I demanded from the cosmos in my “perfect mate.” We’ll see how he holds against the test of time.

The biggest thing he has going for him (aside from the physical stuff like being tall, dark, AND handsome) is that he and I share a religious ideology, which is something I consider very very important for anything that is really long-term.

Last night we had our first serious coversation. I dig the boy, crushin actually, and so I emailed him and told him as much. There were some things he felt I should know before we started to progress this into something serious. I won’t go into the details here because this is a public journal and these are personal matters of his, though a lengthier explanation may get put into my video journal which is not public.

What did come out of this talk is the revelation that I am not alone in my feelings. He and I are basically on the same page as far as where we are at currently, and where we want to go with it. Niether of us is willing to set a definite plan, preferring to let things progress in their own natural way. I do still hold my mandatory probationary period. Provided he lasts long enough, by the end of the 6 months (we’re on day 11) he and I should already have settled into our new roles as boyfriends. But thats a title I’m holding in reserve until the “probationary” period has elapsed.

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