Deep inside I feel myself melting…

Urgh. Mondays. Getting back into the swing of the workweek sucks. And to top it off my lame study group won’t meet on the date they agreed upon so I’m back to two nights prior to class to get group work done.

Unacceptable as I’ll be explaining (again) tonight.

My day did start off wonderfully though (and really it hasn’t been all that bad even though I’ve been in meetings all morning. Russell stayed over last night and I was awoken at about 4:45 or so to him giving me a small goodbye kiss. If I wasn’t whipped by this boy before I sure am now. I’ve been standing on the cliff overlooking a big abyss called Love and this morning I felt some of the stones beneath my feet give way…. Its only a matter of time (which is growing steadily shorter I believe) before I get toppled and fall into the abyss. But thats not a bad thing really. This boy is so sweet to me though that I’ll probably end up with cavities.

He noted something the other day that intrigued me… and I find it very true. This relationship is building itself, with very little effort from either me or Russell. I had a rune fall out of the box yesterday while I was emptying them back into their bag. It was Gebo (pronounced gay-bo with both vowels taking their long form). It means partnership. A union where individuality is not sacrificed. And from the 24 days I’ve known this boy (yes I am counting) we don’t consume the personality of the other. Who we are remains very much intact and personally I think our personalities are highly complementary to one another. We’re both dorks to put it simply and damn we have a good time together, even when we’re not doing anything.

Like last night… we were messin around for probably an hour playing with the video camera and trying to use it to get some pics of the two of us. The quality isn’t as good as I’d like, but with the limited technology I possess it will have to do. All in all they turned out pretty good.


I’ve been assigned to Mendive Middle School as the core organization I represent to MSLI’s Community Affairs commitee. I need to call the principal over there and introduce myself. Hopefully we can do some really good things this year for the kids. Its nice because Mendive is right across the street from me. I was reading in a MicroNews some time ago about a program we started that lets kids get there MCSE while in school so that by the time graduation comes around, they’ve got a coveted certification under their belt which can land them a job that should enable them to pay their own way through college. I’m keenly interested in getting this program to Washoe County.

At anyrate, I came home from lunch so I could get some schoolwork prepared. I want as short a meeting as possible.

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