One Month

I have found a boy who has lasted a month. Only five more to go and then the test of time is complete. He’ll be officially declared long-term worthy. Kinda like seaworthy or spaceworthy but applicable only to potential boyfriends. His qualifications meet my advertised requirements (and then some) and I have every indication that things are a go on his end. I mean, how much more clearer does he need to be than actually just coming out and telling me how much he digs on me.

He’s obviously after my heart. I’m finding pieces of it stolen away by him all the time now. Its cool too when you get to actually stop and chit chat about the long-term potential of your relationship, with the person you’re in the relationship with.

Its so very hard to stick to your rules when you are crushing as hard as I am right now.

So like um, my entire department (practically) is venturing away to Marine World for some oceanic roller-coaster fun (in the middle of Vallejo of all places for sea creatures and thrill rides) and because i have this stupid evil little thing called school to go to… i couldn’t stay the whole day. I’d have to leave at three. And the park opens at 11. So that’s four hours for those of you not willing to calculate it yourselves. If I assume the standard three hour drive (I’m sure I’d make it in two) each way, that’s six hours of driving for a four-hour park visit. If its a real busy day.. I might get to ride on four rides! Whoo Hoo! Not. So I’m not going. I might be able to work a pass though. Lyndia was saying they bought them outta last year’s morale money and that she thinks they are just generic passes with no date quantifier. Which means I may be going this weekend! 🙂

I got to shoot my first film in awhile on Friday. It was way neat. CAT is the title. It will be coming soon to my website near you. Which reminds me… I need to think of a production company name. How about Grey’s Production Company. Hmmm…. actually… grey is kinda cool for the name… Maybe Greyscape Pictures. (Me and scapes.) Hell… maybe just DragonScape Pictures. Nah… DragonScapes is the brand for my website. Um…. Vindigo still holds a special place in my heart… and I have the logo…. but I like dragons.

Nexus films is still cool though. Well… I’m working on the logo now.

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