Bringing Order to Chaos

Hooray… things in the world are finally getting back to normal. My internet is once again functional. My boy is peacefully napping on my bed. (And quite cute while sleeping I might add.) Training finishes tomorrow! Hooray. Friday I might actually be able to get some work done. Tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad as I’ll have a PC sitting in front of me for training. I tried the laptop but got to class late because of one my major pain in the ass OEMs. I’m like. Ugh. So I didn’t get to sit close enough to an electrical outlet to give it power (and its battery was deadlike).

UAT on RC3 finishes tomorrow and then I can start that all over again. Well… pending a stable testing environment.

Ummm…. Yeah. So mostly back to normal.

I find myself pretty upbeat these past two days so whatever funk I was in has moved easterly with the clouds and such. Fall is almost upon us. Russell was just telling me he could smell it.

And its starting to feel like it a bit. I actually had to put on a coat last night. Which is weird… In the year and a half or so that I have been living here, I have never sat and hung out in my front yard. Some weeks ago, knawed on lawn furniture appeared mysteriously. Heh heh heh. One of the chairs needs some minor repairs but otherwise they are all still sturdy. Anyway… Russ and I have been sittin out there now and again chillin and such (smoked a j last night actually). Its kinda kewl. Living in the cul-d-sac such as I am… and with a nice little nook out there (fucking rock garden though!) its a swell place to be. I think I want to get a basque statue or something and put it up there. Would hella love to eliminate the rocks and replace it with grass… Or even bark. Shrug. Homeownership…. Its your property but you wouldn’t know it.

Anywhoo… thought I’d give an update…

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